Krager Thoughts: Traditional Media Needs An Update


We stumbled upon an interesting Op-ed by Roland Storti, the founder and CEO of Minfo, on the future of marketing on the drum. He said marketers should consider making traditional media the key contact point to drive offline to online conversion. This made for a good discussion here at Krager...

It is interesting that we are hearing experts today touting the decline of TV and other traditional forms of offline media. Yes, digital is increasingly playing a role in every facet of our lives BUT let’s not forget traditional media - although numbers have been slowly declining, it is still a great platform to achieve mass reach. In some form it impacts purchasing behaviour, and just requires updating to merge with digital platforms. Mr Roland Sorti put it beautifully saying

"The battle has only just begun for technology pioneers updating 20th Century approaches to media."

We think it is important to consider how best to go about your Omnichannel approach in driving end-to-end conversion. There is a need to weigh up what percentage traditional and digital play in that process. We see brands already trying to do this. Jetstar has implemented eye-tracking technology to gauge what destination a customer is looking at in order to push out relevant promotions and drive tickets purchases. QVC is using their mobile app to change how they drive offline-to-online sales. It is apparent traditional just needs an update.

What other brands do you guys see out there who are doing well in driving offline to online conversion?